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Sales Acceleration, a sales acceleration software platform that provides B2B contact database for Sales and Marketing to run outbound campaigns, generate leads to help and grow business globally.


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Product Design

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The Problem

More than 200,000+ users are using Adapt Lead Builder tool to connect to decision-makers. This tool provides the best way to find the right prospects with the confidence score of each prospect from the millions of data in DB. We can able to know email address and phone number as well as some other secondary information. But here, the problem we identified was the drop rate of users who can’t able to find the right contact and save and download it as a list. Since we have very large coverage and quality of data, something is missing for the user to identify their leads. Most of the users are ideal and not performing any action for more than a minute and won’t do any action as well.  Below one is the Old UI 

Screenshot 2022-09-17 at 1.52_edited.jpg

Designing the details

Most challenging part was user base, since we have more user and people who are using trial are in millions. So we have more responsibility to take care of each compenents that should not affect user and confuse. Product Manager, Sales People and Engineers along with me involved in precise meeting to construct the customer feedback and forecast plans.

After its all documented and started a sprint plan based on the outcome of requirements. So, for designing I have 1 week to deliver a wireframe as well as Hi fidelity design. 

Below one is the wireframing.


Took some competitor Analysis and references as well so that it won’t affect what exactly we need and users point of view they might be feel some more value proportion to help their business. I have given wireframe and discussed with PM and Engineers about the feasibility.   


Green flag raised from all stackholder and started working UI design. Since the current colour little bit old and old also its not appealing good. So I have considered this and take into an account. Got some inspirations from dribbble and design community how the current design trends and studied some principles as well. 

Went through G2 crowd and read all the reviews of users - what they told about the product and recommendations from every users. Noted down all and went through the process. Within a week need to deliver all screens including how search and filter approach. I gave more importance to filters and search so that user can be more proactive and perform actions within a product.

Below one is the New UI


Launch & Conclusion

One more feature was the save filters option - helps users to save and frequently download the data. And we have separated the contacts and company tab so that it is easier for customers to get what they really want.


The most important thing - we have reduced the back-end load as well to call all items when they are filtered. We redesigned the dev infrastructure to load the data more accurately and fast. 


Based on the design system, I have designed and delivered all screens and given two approaches. Presented to all stakeholders and PMs through prototyping. They really liked the design and approved all screens.

We have tracked all metrics of how the user was performing and clicking. In certain cases, we have introduced the LOCK icon to convert free users to Paid users. It went well and we have gained a more Paid customers and more customization also went for specific big logos. Overall it was a great experience and people literally loved the design. 

Few Customer's Gratitude

Screenshot 2022-09-17 at 4.27.15 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-09-17 at 4.25.38 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-09-17 at 4.26.15 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-09-17 at 4.26.37 PM.png

Next Project

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